TLD’s Focus on the ITC Means the ITC Defense Can Begin While Your Company Decides Who to Hire for the Department of Commerce Phase

Companies involved in a new investigation must act quickly to hire ITC counsel because there typically is only a three week period from the filing of the petition to the ITC Staff Conference – a critical first opportunity to present your arguments to the ITC. Often, negotiations over hiring counsel for the Department of Commerce (DOC) phase slow down the hiring process and precious time is lost. Because TLD focuses on the ITC, your company can hire TLD to begin the injury defense while continuing to separately interview and negotiate with DOC counsel.

TLD Makes Participation in Sunset Reviews Viable

Historically, the ITC has voted to maintain existing antidumping and countervailing duty orders far more often than it has voted to revoke them. As a result, many companies forgo the opportunity to participate in an ITC sunset review because a cost-benefit analysis does not justify it. TLD will work with your company to develop a plan that makes economic sense so you don’t have to forgo defending your interests.

TLD Defends Your Interests After the ITC Proceeding Is Done

The conclusion of an ITC proceeding may not be the end of the case. Parties can appeal an adverse determination to the US Court of International Trade (CIT) with a further right of appeal to the US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit (CAFC). The prevailing party may have to defend such appeals. TLD offers your company the ability to defend its victory or challenge an adverse determination with expertise at a reasonable fee.

TLD Offers a Variety of Traditional and Alternate Fee Arrangements

Concerns over fees should not interfere with the quality and effectiveness of your ITC defense. TLD offers a variety of traditional and alternate fee arrangements to suit your company’s needs.